Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the conference?

  • A notebook or device for taking notes

  • Highlighters, sticky notes, and your favorite writing utensils

  • A device for accessing digital handouts

  • Optional but often helpful: glue sticks, scissors

  • Lunch or snacks if you have special dietary needs

Will food be provided?

Yes! A light breakfast/morning snacks will be provided, as well as a boxed lunch. If you have special dietary needs, you may want to bring your own food since you may not have time to go off-site for lunch.

What if I have to cancel? Can I get a refund?

If you are unable to attend, you may send someone else to take your place at no charge. You may contact us to switch the names on the registration. 

Are SCECHs or professional development hours available?

Yes!  SCECH applications will be available the day of the conference. Participants may receive up to 5 credit hours per conference day. Cost is $10 and can be paid with cash or check. 

Can I register using a purchase order?

Yes. When you register, select "manual payment". You will receive an invoice with payment information to complete your registration. Payment is due prior to the conference start date. If you need to have an invoice sent to your school or your school needs a W-9, you may leave special instructions in the note box in the shopping cart.

See sample to the right.

You may also send a direct message on the Contact page.

My school is paying my registration. How do I register?

Please complete your own registration form and select "manual payment" at checkout. You will then receive an invoice which you may forward to your school to complete the registration process. If you leave instructions in the note box (see above), you may request to have the invoice billed directly to your school. Please include the email address where the invoice should be sent. Payment is due prior to the conference start date.

Are the Southeast and West side conferences the same? Can I attend both conferences?

Some sessions will be offered at both conferences. Others will be available only at one. We are confident that you will find plenty of sessions if you attend both conferences!

Can I videotape the sessions?

We do not allow any audio or video recording during our sessions. All material is protected under each presenter. You are welcome to take pictures of the slides and materials presented to assist you as you implement what you’ve learned in your own classroom. Most presenters will also provide digital and/or hard copies of handouts as well.

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